An introduction to Contemporary Art with Maya Binkin

15 September 2021


This video is only available for attendees and Art Pass Holders.
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Contemporary art has never been so popular – but what is it all about? How can a floating shark or a giant balloon dog be worth millions? Join Contemporary Art specialist Maya Binkin who will be demystifying the Contemporary Art world in an evening lecture at Newlands House Gallery. We will learn where Modern Art began and how it moved into the contemporary, how art developed into what we see in museums today, who are the major figures and how to spot a ‘good’ artist. Participants will leave with more confidence to tackle contemporary art exhibitions and can ask an expert in the field.

Maya Binkin in a Contemporary Art Specialist and the Artistic Director of Newlands House Gallery. Working as an independent curator, she currently has exhibitions in the UK, Spain, Israel, and Korea. She is a regular contributor to The Art Newspaper, Artuk.org and Forbes Magazine. Her website, The Art Pilgrim, focuses on Contemporary Art experiences from around the world. You can see more at www.theartpilgrim.org.