Descendants: Webinar Series

  • Descendants
  • Joan Punyet Miró
  • Daniel and Sarah Chadwick
  • Luis Chillida
  • Annie Freud
  • Mary Moore
  • Alicia Mendez Cruz (Cruz-Diez)
  • Diana Widmaier Picasso



An exclusive webinar series with the descendants of some of the 20th century’s greatest artists.

Our ‘Descendants’ series offers a unique insight into the personal and professional lives of some of the most prominent modern artists of the last century. We sit down with these descendants  to discuss how these artists worked and what influenced them and perhaps most interesting of all, how these great minds have impacted their families for generations to come.

Find out what it’s like to live with a famous family name and how this has impacted the lives and careers of each of the descendants.

These interviews will be streamed live on our webinar channel and recorded for our youtube channel. Each interview will take place with either Maya Binkin or Dr Javier Molins.

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Dr Javier Molins

Dr Javier Molins is a writer, curator, and doctor of fine arts. He has curated exhibitions internationally and has worked with some of the most renowned artists of the 20th and 21st century including Sean Scully, Pablo Picasso and Tony Cragg.  He is also the curator of Newlands House Gallery’s most recent exhibition, Joan Miró. La Gran Belleza.



Maya Binkin

Founder of The Art Pilgrim, Maya Binkin has over 20 years’ experience in the arts as both a writer and international exhibition curator. She is a regular contributor to as well as The Art Newspaper and Forbes Magazine. Maya is also curator of our upcoming exhibition for July 2021.


Joan Punyet Miró

April 30th 2021

To celebrate the beginning of Joan Miró. La Gran Belleza, 01 May to 04 July 2021, we are starting the Descendants series with Joan Punyet Miró, grandson of Joan Miró and respected Art Historian.

Joan Punyet will join curator of the exhibition Dr Javier Molins to discuss Miró and his impact on not only the art world but on his descendants.

Register for the webinar now to join the conversation live on 30th April.

Daniel and Sarah Chadwick

June 2nd 2021

Luis Chillida

July 7th 2021

Annie Freud

August 4th 2021

Mary Moore

September 1st 2021

Alicia Mendez Cruz (Cruz-Diez)

October 6th 2021

Diana Widmaier Picasso

November 3rd 2021