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Job Title: Registrar
Employer: Newlands House Gallery Ltd
Reporting to: Nicola Jones, Gallery Director
Tenure: Freelance, eight hours a week, to be spread over a week as required. Three
Exhibitions a year. £300 per week

Primary Duties:
The role of registrar will be to manage the support the gallery director in exhibition planning, managing the liaison with professional art handlers for packing and preparing works for shipment, dealing with customs for international art transportation, TA agreements, insurance, warehousing and condition reporting, and finalising consignment and loan agreements.


*Co-ordinating tenders for transport contracts, comparing tenders and nominating agents

*Managing the gallery’s TA agreement in conjunction with company accountant

*Dealing with customs procedures and import/export matters

* Liaising with gallery director on production of loan agreements and consignment agreements

*Constructing timelines and budgets for transport contracts, warehousing, scheduling transport, crating, installation and deinstallation

*Liaising with gallery team on management of condition reports and receipt of artworks, and ongoing condition checks and maintenance

* Insurance contracts for art transportation

*Liaising with curators, gallery director and gallery team on installations, artwork display and conservation


Experience and Qualifications

A minimum of ten years’ experience with a premier art gallery or museum as a registrar.

A registrar will be representing the gallery and should demonstrate clear and professional writing, digital and presentation skills, an engaging communication style and should be able to manage the planning and scheduling of high value art exhibitions calmly and methodically, with good interpersonal skills.

Download Job Specifications here.

Apply by sending your CV to enquiries@newlandshouse.gallery