Improve Your Image – Phone photography workshop with Nigel Goldsmith

06 November 10:00 am 2023


In today’s visual world, your images should speak volumes about you, your brand, and your message. Improve your phone photography at Newlands House Gallery and refine your skills to capture the essence of your products, places, people, and passions.

*Preparation and Setup *Focus Mastery *Perfecting Exposure *Essential Accessories *Lighting Techniques*Unleashing Creativity *Advanced Features *Image Editing Insights

Nigel Goldsmith is a photographer and video artist whose work is widely published in the UK and abroad. Some of the work he has produced using smartphones has been shortlisted for major art prizes and film festivals including the 2019 John Ruskin Prize and the Leeds International Film Festival ’21. He has a BA in Photography Art and an MA in Fine Art.

For more information contact: enquiries@newlandshouse.gallery